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Too often, business owners with a clear vision for growth get tied down in keeping up with changing technology or managing day-to-day operational needs. JaLor Professional Services was founded in 2009, and has successfully helped clients meet their goals ever since.

JaLor’s team of experts is well-equipped to manage a variety of projects; including business organization, strategic planning, bookkeeping, business operations and project management.

Using input gathered on a case-by-case basis, JaLor designs a cost-effective plan for helping your company achieve its goals.

Carolyn Green Seaberry, President and CEO of JaLor Professional Services, has more than 35 years of business leadership experience as a bookkeeper, commercial banker, mortgage banker, project manager, operations manager and servicing manager. Since its inception, Carolyn has managed to successfully recruit a highly-skilled team of experts who are dedicated to meeting your company’s needs.

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JaLor Professional Services offers a range of office solutions that will increase your company’s capacity to serve its clients, while ultimately increasing your company’s profitability and productivity.