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JaLor offers a multitude of virtual services that allows businesses to easily outsource administrative tasks to our dedicated team of professionals. With services ranging from administrative support to executive assistance, our team has the ability to increase your company’s capacity, productivity and profitability using the latest forms of technology. Furthermore, by utilizing our own office space and equipment, we help you save on overhead expenses.

Virtual services include:
Administrative Support • Attaché Services • Meeting Facilitation Calendar, Event and Contact Management • Billing (invoicing/collecting) and Bookkeeping • Customer and Vendor Care • Spanish Translations Answering Services • Email Management • Logistics Coordination Research • Virtual Filing Systems Other: Tasks that do not require physical presence

Whether you are an entrepreneur, consultant, small business owner or simply a busy executive in need of assistance, our virtual services offer a variety of realistic office solutions.

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JaLor Professional Services offers a range of office solutions that will increase your company’s capacity to serve its clients, while ultimately increasing your company’s profitability and productivity.